Our scientists

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furio camillo

Professor of Business Statistics - University of Bologna

Focus on business intelligence and analytical techniques for CRM and marketing research.
He was the director of the master's program in Marketing Research and Data Mining at University of Bologna in Buenos Aires. Since 1987 he participated as scientific consultant in more than 250 applied analytical projects with private and public organizations. 

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Coordinator of applied research - Statistical Data Scientist, PhD 

Statistics PhD thesis on program evaluation and causal inference. After academic experiences in University of Bologna and Bocconi University, she worked as Data Analyst in the Commercial Unit of Yoox, a leader e-commerce retail company. In the last years she works as an analytical consultant with more than 20 applied projects. 

DataScienceLAB relies on the stable support of 2 junior statistical data scientists and 2 trainees.

We believe in the crucial role of statistical analysis formation of young generation graduates: the Statistical Data Scientist.


We take advantage of a widespread international and interdisciplinary network of researchers with backgrounds in economics, business administration, statistics, psychology, sociology and communications that allows us to stay up-to-date with all the latest developments in the field of Modern Statistical Analysis.

Besides the University of Bologna we have collaborated with:

  • Essec Business School - Paris, France (Modelling in marketing)
  • Le Cnam - Paris, France (Predictive and structural modelling)
  • The University of Edinburgh - Ireland (Economics and probability optimisation)
  • Università degli studi di Milano Bicocca - Italy (Time series and non-parametric modelling)
  • University of Tennessee - USA (Complexity analysis)
  • Crédoc - Paris, France (Intangible data, opinion analysis and semiometria)
  • University of Arizona - USA (Impact evaluation models)
  • Via Pablo Neruda 17
    40139 Bologna
  • valentina@datasciencelab.it