About our research laboratory

Our essence

Using analytical data enrichment processes we are able to transform raw information into fruitful inputs for a clear direction.

Creating predictive models we evaluate and enrich the available information building indicators of propensity.

Research procedure proposition

  • Identify the needs and goals by interviewing the client 
  • Study papers and research materials already published on the topic
  • Identify the strategies to achieve goals
  • Develop a model and a prototype, run test on subsets of data
  • Discuss results, refine and validate the model
  • Industrialize the prototype (if requested).


  • Apply the enterprise-university collaboration model.
  • Transform prototypes with a high degree of success in case studies, commercial-scale products or Best practice reusable models.
    Promote the collaboration in the field of statistics and data-science in International Communities.
  • Collect particularly innovative arguments and establish specific research projects to follow their development in the most “visionary” markets, organizations and research communities around the world.​
  • «Atelier» approach – complete and full dedication to the Client and their needs.
  • Via Alfredo Calzoni 6/D
    40128 Bologna
  • valentina@datasciencelab.it