DataScienceLAB is an entity whose aim is to uncover the full potential of the information owned by private companies and the public sector organizations and to help them pursue their mission.

DataScienceLAB emphasizes the multidisciplinary approach and applies it to improve the decision making process. Our multidisciplinarity comes from a statistical point of view about Advanced Analytics applications to social and economic sciences.

The essence of the DataScienceLAB: using analytical data enrichment processes DataScienceLAB is able to transform raw information of a private company or a public sector organization. Creating predictive models we evaluate and enrich the available information building indicators of propensity.


Applied research analytical laboratory for custom-tailored and innovative statistical modelling solutions that fully involves the client and comprises the following phases:

  • Identify the needs and goals by interviewing the stakeholders
  • Study papers and research materials already published on the topic
  • Identify the strategies to achieve the goals
  • Develop a model and a prototype, run tests on subsets of data
  • Discuss results, refine and validate the model
  • Industrialize the prototype (if requested)

Data scientist recruitment and training: consultancy on organization of Data Analysis Lab or Innovation Lab


Create a research laboratory to develop custom-made highly innovative prototype statistical models and solutions. 

Apply the Enterprise-University collaboration model already actively applied abroad but little known in European countries.

Transform prototypes with a high degree of success in study (or use) cases to further present them at sector-specific events inclusive of University events, involving the end-user Client to promote the collaboration in the field of statistics and data-science in International Communities. Transform the prototypes in commercial-scale products. 

Transform the prototypes in Best Practice reusable models.

Collect particularly innovative arguments and establish specific research projects to follow the development of these arguments in the most “visionary” markets, organizations and research communities around the world.

«Atelier» approach – complete and full dedication to the Client and their needs