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Our vision

We were inspired by the French term "Atelier", which means a studio that offers custom-based solutions.

The Atelier has original proposals to offer, but it is fundamental to collaborate with the client in the design, development and creation of the solution. 

DataScienceLAB is a
Bologna City brand company

Our logo is generated by the Bologna's unique and distinctive “code of writing”,  in which letters represent different symbols of the city.

What we do

We are a research laboratory in the market research field that develops custom-made and highly innovative prototype statistical models and solutions. 

How we do it

Our multidisciplinary approach comes from a statistical point of view about Advanced Analytics applications to social and economic sciences.

Why we do it

Our aim is to uncover the full potential of the information owned by companies and organizations to help them improve their decision making process and pursue their mission.

Cosa facciamo

Siamo un laboratorio  di ricerca per l’analisi e la prototipizzazione di modelli statistici ad alto contenuto innovativo al servizio del Business 


Il nostro approccio multidisciplinare ha le sue fondamenta nell'applicazione analitico statistica delle "Advanced Analytics" alle scienze sociali ed economiche.


Il nostro scopo è far emergere il pieno potenziale delle informazioni delle aziende e delle organizzazioni per aiutarle a migliorare il processo decisionale nel perseguire la loro missione.

  • Via Alfredo Calzoni 6/D
    40128 Bologna
  • (+39) 051 0923515