Experience and projects

Competitive positioning

DatascienceLAB is the operative bridge between Science and Business

Our competitors are business entities that “collaborate” with the “Science” while DataScienceLAB is the “Science” that provides services to businesses. DataScienceLAB take part of the scientific production (literature and knowledge) and applies “Science” to real market and management issues.

This method facilitates the internal and external communication which derives from a “personalized” approach to each client and each problem. 

By definition ad hoc solutions, also to relatively consolidated problems, are guaranteed.


  • Social media analysis and digital CRM
  • Analytics for CRM & CZRM
  • Opinion and soul investigations
  • Econometric forecasting systems
  • DB marketing (pre-CRM) advanced treatment
  • Risk prediction
  • Marketing research
  • Data-models for Public administration
  • Digital Analytics
  • Human Capital Analytics
  • Statistical Models for Optimization
  • Impact evaluation and causal inference

Some main intermediate users of DataScienceLAB services (partners or clients)



Some main end-users of DataScienceLAB services