is Bologna

DataScienceLAB is a Bologna City Brand Company.is_bologna_piccolo

is Bologna, write your word to create your logo, is part of Bologna City Branding Project.

is Bologna is more than a traditional logo, it’s an alphabet where letters become signs. Each sign is designed starting from some typical symbols of the city of Bologna: the cross and the lily flower of city flag, the mosaic of Santa Maria dei Servi Church, the rhombus in the ancient emblem, the hexagonal shape of the city walls.

With these signs you can write every concept related to the city, every physical or abstract, personal or general characteristic.

The system generates a new “code of writing”, unique and distinctive of Bologna, ready to tell the various forms of the city.

The claim “is Bologna” associated to each word generated with the new code, becomes the unifying element of every subject, every concept that “makes” the city of Bologna, in other words, the unifying element of everything that “is Bologna”.