The Idea

DataScienceLAB is an analytics Atelier.

Atelier is a French term that means “studio”.

In comparison to a show room an Atelier does not offer to its clients only standardized solutions already available in the showroom.

An Atelier focuses on the client and dedicates all the efforts to their needs: offers custom-made original solutions and involves the client in the full process, from identifying the goal to finalizing the development process to make sure that the proposed solution completely satisfies the client’s needs.

17-coco-chanel-dress_3001The «Atelier» has original proposals to offer by itself, but it is necessary that the Client «tell about himself», collaborating in the design, development and finalization of the solution.

A pivotal role has the initial client-audit phase.

A typical French attitude, the Coco-Chanel attitude.